The Development Process:-
The ancient manuscripts which were written in palms leaves are not traceable now. The temple was governed by the 4 desams (Ayyanthole, Puthurkara, Pullazhy and Ollarikkara) surrounding it and no details are available about the manuscripts , if at all possessed by any  individual .  Hence  ,  tracing  the  old  records  are  not  possible. Now , we have some records available after the re-union of the 4 desams which shows the prosperity the temple had . Detailing them individually  is   not  possible 
However a  few  can be mentioned In 1956 an important decision was taken by the co-ordinators, that changed the entire governing mode of the temple . Accordingly, the 4 desams which divided and ruled the temple became one and a common governing body was formed.Eminent Justice P.K Subramanya Iyer headed the formation of a new committee which resulted in drastic developments of the temple. Around 87 persons attended the meeting . Selective members are entrusted to manage the administration.
Those who contributed funds for getting the membership are now having the power to elect the governing personnel of the temple. We are immensely grateful for the valuable contributions made by the Ex-President Kottilil Marathu Chakrapani, ex-secretary Ayyanthole Kombiyil GovindanKutty Nair and their subordinator . Absolute forecast and efforts made by the ancestors opened a new era of prosperity to the Olarikkara Devi Temple. It took some time to merge these desams together , to
avoid disasters in the long run.And the unity has resulted to the present day progress of the templeThere were no systematic rules and stipulation during the early periods. Therefore, the person of that era could not do much. From 1982 the membership system came into existence .From 6th Aug 1996 new and strong guidelines were drafted inorder to achieve continuous development of the temple together with a group of ardent well-wishers of the society . Printed manuals of the governing body are now available in the Devaswom office of the temple..