Temple History:-  
Hundreds of years ago there was a Sacred Brahmin’s house where the temple is situated now. At the "Nadumuttom" of the house, it is believed that there was the presence of ‘Goddess Vanadurga’ and this goddess was worshipped by the Brahmin with full faith. At that time the Brahmin was  titled   with   surname   ‘OLA’ by the rulers.   Hence the location of  thetemple was renowned as “OLA IRIKKUM KARA” which is later renown
as‘OLARIKKARA’.Later the temple was re onstructed by the devotees of the Olarikkara Thattakam.Four Desoms come under Olarikkara Thattakam.These are Ayanthole, Olarikkara, Pullazhy and Puthurkkara. They considered the Goddess as their ‘THATTAKATHAMMA’ – The mother of  four desoms.
 The temple and its daily rituals:-
There is a mystic myth about the Kandankkavu, which is situated to the East of the temple. Sree kandan was a dangerous manthrika from the “Umma Pilly” Nair Tharavadu in Chetupuzha. Due to misusing the manthras for devil’s spirit he died prematurely. His soul created plenty of problems to Umma Pilly Tharavadu. Unable to bear the problems createdby the soul of Sree  kandan the family  surrendered in  Devi’s  feet
seeking asylum. Subsequently the evil spirit of Sree kandan was controlled by Temple Velichappadu by absorbing his soul in a mudpot and buried him in the backyard of the temple. Ultimately Sree kandan became the devi’s devotee and blessed with the title “Vettothikkaran”. Whenever the devotees worship Sree Bhagavathy and make offering, they offer an oil lamp to Sree kandan. The main offering of Kandankkavu is “kalasam”.